how to partner

You can join our support team in two ways: pray & give

  1. To partner financially, visit AG Giving to make a one-time donation or setup a recurring investment.
  2. You can also submit a Faith Promise Form through AG U.S. Missions website to receive a missions credit. Use the information below to complete the form.
  • Missionary Receiving Support: Damon Duran
  • Missionary’s account number: 2923498


Spread the Word

Please email us at WHEN...

  1. You would like to be on our monthly email list
  2. You would like us to share about intercultural ministry and intentional community involvement at your church, organization, community event, or conference
  3. You would like to suggest potential partners who would thrive in reaching all nations in creative ways
  4. You want to serve with us at Life360 Intercultural Church