Called to LEAD Pastoral Ministry

pastrors (2).jpg

In 2003, before I knew God personally or understood His Word, I heard a soft yet clear voice saying, "You will be a pastor on your own right one day."

I was confused. For one, that was the first time I ever heard from God. Two, I had never heard of or seen a female pastor. Three, I had recently become a pastor's wife by default of marrying one so I was clueless about ministry. And finally, I had other dreams of my own and being a pastor didn't even make the list... until that moment.

I hid God's Word in my heart for years while supporting my husband in ministry. Honestly, I felt like a pastor already since I was fully engaged in ministry. I didn't need a title to do what I was already doing. But... while I served in ministry, I wasn't really answering my call to ministry. God called me to be a pastor (a minister on my own right as He put it), but I was happy with being the second in command.

I thought I answered the call when I received my ministerial license. A few years later, I was ordained. My family rejoiced, and I thought the call was finally realized. But there was a lingering sense that somehow that wasn't what God meant when He called me to ministry.

But how would I know just when and how I am to be "the pastor"? So, I did a fleece test on God. I said, "God, I sense your calling and I want to be obedient. But if there is no CLEAR direction, then I can't do it. (Sorry God) The only way I would know that it IS your will is ONLY IF you open a new chapter for my husband who is leading the church fabulously!"

It was an easy prayer. I've been enjoying my ride in the passenger seat and I knew I was sort of asking for the impossible. The only thing was... I forgot that I serve a God of miracle!!!

So, here we are. Saturday June 28, 2018. It is the day I will be installed as a new lead pastor of Life360 Intercultural Campus. It's past 1 am and I'm wide awake partly because of the excitement but mostly because I'm in awe of God as I'm recounting my ministry journey.

How did I get here? From a girl raised in a godless, broken home to a first generation Christian and minister. Only God...

Friends and family, I invite you to pray with me for this new chapter of my life. I don't know what God has in mind, but I'm ready for the ride. No turning back. Today, the call to ministry I received 15 years ago has been fulfilled in God's perfect timing.

So pray with me as I embark on this new chapter. Pray for God's wisdom, anointing, and courage. I know I have a lot to learn moving forward, making mistakes and facing many challenges. But that's okay because this journey isn't about me being a perfect pastor but rather pursuing God's call humbly and transparently in obedience.

This new season is also for you, my friends that are called to ministry yet not sure how it will come to its fruition. God never takes His word back. So just take one step at a time, even when you don't feel like it, just be obedient in that very moment. I will be praying for you!