Is It Possible to Have a "Balanced Life"?

Have you ever come home after a long-good day of ministry just to find a pile of laundry or dirty dishes (some days both) waiting for you? What an instant and humbling reminder that I wear other "important hats" other than being a pastor! The moment I walk into my messy home, I realize that I am not all that put together as I portray myself to be after all. But hey, that's life, and those dishes and dirty clothes can wait for my sanity and PEACE at home.

How to Disagree at a Leadership Table

As a female pastor, sitting at a table in a room full of men can be intimidating and isolating. You may feel outnumbered, dismissed, or even attacked. Thankfully, that is not the case for me. When I sit around a leadership table as the only female leader, it actually excites me to know that I GET TO bring a new perspective using my "unique" backgrounds.

Called to LEAD Pastoral Ministry

In 2003, before I knew God personally or understood His Word, I heard a soft yet clear voice saying, "You will be a pastor on your own right one day." I was confused. For one, that was the first time I ever heard from God. Two, I had never heard of or seen a female pastor. Three, I had recently become a pastor's wife by default of marrying one so I was clueless about ministry. And finally, I had other dreams of my own and being a pastor didn't even make the list... until that moment.